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Dreamscene Creative wants to make something unique to fit your dream theme. We work hard to create props and engineer quality furnishings to completely synchronize the event ambiance. Our in-house carpenters coupled with our design experts work alongside each other to handcraft custom theatrical property. It’s in the details: sewing, painting, and construction that the Dreamscene Creative team takes pride in being proficient and polished.  


Meet the matchmaker between wood, metal and customer service. Noah Thoele is the bringer of detail and nucleus of the Dreamscene Creative furniture catalog and building team.  Noah exhibits craftsmanship and engineering that is rare and valuable. Maybe it was the cold Minnesota winters that make him so resilient and reliable (he’s been known to put on the brown vest and get behind the scenes at UPS to locate “lost” props just in the nick of time). Masquerades aside, Noah takes great delight in the inner workings of engines and the mechanics of motorcycle maintenance and is motivated by mastery. In his work, this translates to his immense sense of detail and dedication to his team and product.





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