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Dreamscene Creative specializes in event design and production, from themed party to corporate conference, offering full custom event design and custom fabrication.  Mise en scène is crucial to the Dreamscene Creative team, from the pure aesthetic arrangement of an event, to the finer details such as the restoration and the recreation of furnishings.  Dreamscene Creative is outstanding in their business on behalf of their strong attention to detail, relevance, and value that is quintessential to exquisite events. The business was formed by family members, Noah and Naomi Thoele, to conceptualize their dualism by comprehensibly bringing event design and furniture collections to an audience vis-à-vis authentic actuality. The visionary creative innovation flows from Naomi and professionalism is Noah’s forte.


Together, Dreamscene Creative as a comprehensive design and production company is doubly the success. Noah concretely delivers concentration through various stages of innovation to conceptualize ideas into realities. His philosophy is that, in life and in business, simplicity guides one to stay focused while intention, effort, and action pave the way to strong customer relations and productivity.


Dreamscene Creative is a top tier furnishing rental business, experienced design team, and production company. Our extensive professional relationships include top-notch caterers, outstanding entertainers, and impressive venues. We welcome rental business and full production opportunities alike. Curation, customer service, beauty, relevance, and value with a boutique experience is our vocation.

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